Andy K Leland

Andrea Marcellini, the nearly 35-year-old, ex-bassist and main-songwriter of alt-rock band My Cruel Goro, has gone solo after the band’s hiatus.

Now Andrea goes by the name Andy K Leland, wearing the garms of a persona who conveys his “minimal” creation into no more than a few mics, with minor editing. In fact, when Andy writes he’s lonely, alone with his guitar, drunk then hungover then sober again, and hopeless but calm. He’s constantly putting on tape all the purity of his creative process.

He doesn’t reckon having any musical influence in particular, but some say he reminds them of Lloyd Cole or Jarvis Cocker. For his dead-pan, self-ironic and cynical story-telling, clearly.

His Lo-Fi songwriting, made of nothing but voice, guitar and a heart, sits the listener on a chair in Leland’s room, first-handedly witnessing his voice drawing intense, whispered melodies.

His EP Happy Daze is due out in October 2017